Boca Grande – Cartagena

Boca Grande is the strata 6 (expensive) tourist area of Cartagena. Looks just like Miami Beach. Tons of condos and it just seems they keep building. Prices are what I would consider high for Colombia, but you have to keep in mind this is beach front property. I would say prices for a nice one bedroom condo with ocean view are in the $175K to $200K range. I guess this is still not too bad for ocean front, especially as compared to Miami Beach.

On my last trip in March a guy at the hotel told me about this steal of a deal on Boca Grande. 2/2 for only $130K. We went with his friend (broker) to look at the unit. It was in very bad shape. But no problem, for an additional $10K they will complete all renovations. Not bad for $140K. However, it was facing the bay, not the ocean and most importantly, it has no balcony. Who wants a condo with no balcony? The joy of living on the beach is to hang out on the balcony for breakfast in the morning or for dinner and drinks in the afternoon. I passed. There are some decent deals on Boca Grande if you look in the older buildings.

It does have a nice strip with lots of good restaurants, clubs and bars. There is one big mall with a casino. All in all a good safe place to hang out but I would prefer not to live on Boca Grande. But thats just me. It attracts a lot of tourists. Good deal for ocean front living. I just want to get away from all the tourists.

Boca Grande.
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Boca Grande
Boca Grande, Cartagena
Boca Grande, Cartagena. Looks like Miami Beach