Guatape – Penol

Ready to climb the big rock?

Guatape, Colombia is a small town about 2 hours by bus from Medellin. It has a series of beautiful lakes and it is known for the big rock call “El Penol”. You can take the bus to the town of Guatape, then take a taxi or small rickshaw type vehicle to the big rock. My option would be the motorize rickshaw. The rock is next to the Guatape dam. I assure you this is one of the biggest rock you will ever see. It is basically a tourist attraction. At the base of the rock you will find a few souvenir shops. They built a series of steps on the side of the rock for those who are adventurous enough to want to attempt the long climb. At the top of the rock you will find the best view in the world.

The center of town has a nice square where they perform shows. Otherwise it is loaded with the usual tourist shops to purchase trinkets. If you would like to get away from the City of Medellin on the weekends this is the perfect place for a small house on the lake.

For you fisherman – The lake is very large but don’t expect to catch a lot of big fish. I did not have time to fish the lakes but from asking around I was told the lakes do have bass and other types of smaller fish. I was told it has “big bass”, but when I dug a little deeper I realized “big” meant a 2 to 3 pound bass. Not exactly big by US standards.

Lakes of Guatape

Docks downtown Guatape