La Popa monastery in Cartagena.

La Popa

La Popa is a beautiful monastery on top of a hill in Cartagena. It was build by the Spaniards. It is a must see if you visit Cartagena. It has a great view of the City. As a fisherman the coolest thing was the water supply under a large portion of the monastery. The Spaniards build the pool under the monastery to collect water for use in the monastery. Since it is now basically a museum and there is no longer a need for the water supply they have put Tarpons in the water under the buildings. You can see the Tarpons through an area in the middle of the courtyard. They feed the Tarpons with live fish weekly. When they get too large they are removed. Really cool.

View from the monastery La Popa
View from La Pop on the hill in Cartagena