San Pedro, Colombia

One of my plans for 2019 is to take day visits to the pueblos in Colombia. I will begin by taking some short closer day trips to towns within 2 hours of Medellin, then expand to up to 4 hours from Medellin. Eventually the plan is to take a few airplane trip to the larger cities outside of the 5 major cities I already visited (e.g., Cartagena, Cali, Santa Matha, Barranquilla, Bogota). Colombia is a pretty large county. Hopefully in the first quarter of 2019 I will be able to visit the coffee triangle consisting of Pereira, Manizales and Armenia.

I was hanging with some friends last week and one of the ladies mentioned that she plan to take her daughters to a small town name San Pedro on Sunday. She has lived in Medellin all her life and has never visited San Pedro. She said it was about 2 hours on the bus from the North terminal.

The next day I called my friend who is in town for a month and asked if he wanted to go on an adventure on Sunday morning (in 2 days). He jumped all over it. We planned to meet at the North bus terminal at 7 am, but unfortunately we could not make it that early. Well, it was Sunday morning. We reached the North terminal at 7:30 am and bought ticket for San Pedro. the bus was scheduled to leave at 7:45 am. 

Since it is a major bus terminal obviously all I saw were these larger greyhound size buses parked in the various slots. When we went through security and we went up to the bus in the #11 lane a man lead us to the end of the large bus to a small 10 person van waiting behind the large bus.  I was not too happy. I am thinking this is a 2 hours bus ride on mountain road and I would have preferred a large bus with a bathroom. Well it was too late. 

We departed on time at 7:45 am. I figured if I wanted to pee the guy will just have to stop.  The scene on the way up the mountain was great. Within the first 30 minutes as we made our way up the mountain we had a great view of Medellin from above. Then we had some great views of the countryside. Man the hills and landscape is beautiful. I was thinking it would be nice to buy 5 acres and build a house out in the middle of nowhere. I would purchase 2 nice horses and finally get the 2 German Shepard I always wanted. I love dogs but I do not like having big dogs jailed in an apartment all day. My dogs need acres to run all day outside.

The trip actually took only 1 hour and 10 minutes. I was told it was 2 hours. San Pedro has a beautiful church in the enter of town like most pueblos.  My friend and I walked to all 4 corners of the town taking pictures and getting to know the area. The town is not really that large. The North of the town has a park which I believe is being constructed in an old cemetery. Basically it looks like it was a cemetery, then they are making improvements so people can stroll through it. They are in process of  building the roads planting flowers, etc.

I especially love the houses which have all these pretty flower pots hanging on the balcony. One end of the town has a long street where you walk up the hill to another set of houses separate from the town. Since it was Sunday there were lot of people walking to church in the town. There is a large white status of the what looks like the virgin Mary and people would pay their respect as they passed the statue. I was thinking if they do this every time they pass, even if they pass the statue numerous times in a day. Maybe they only do it on Sundays. I know Colombia is a very religious Catholic country.

We toured the City and took many fotos and videos. I will do a video for my youtube channel. We did not see any Black Colombians in San Pedro. I am not sure if they are any in the town. 

We decided to leave the town and head back to Medellin about 10:30 am. On the way home we spotted some parasailers in the sky. First it was one then as we got closer to what I believe was the take off are we saw a lot more. It looks like a lot of fun. My friend and I decided we must return soon and try that experience. 

Next trip I plan to visit Cococabana, which I was told is about 30 minutes North of Bello. Stayed tune.